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Magnesium sulfate (h)

Article: 2654-1312
Article: 2654-1312
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Article: 2654-1312
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Magnesium sulfate (Magnesiym Sulfate) is a powder in the form of crystals that are highly soluble in water. In cold water 1:1, in boiling water – 3.3:1. The powder is prepared by evaporating sea or mineral water.

Magnesium sulfate, or Epsom salt, is a mild, astringent that has a pleasant cooling effect. Magnesium sulfate is indispensable in cosmetics, and is used as a stabilizer in water-oil emulsions, lotions, creams, and scrubs. It also serves as a component of bath salts to create a relaxing effect and relieve muscle tension.

Contraindications for Epsom salt baths:

    hypertension kidney disease pregnancy varicose veins

If you have no reason for contraindications, treat yourself to a relaxing bath.

Magnesium sulfate powder requires a somewhat scrupulous attitude. When working, do not inhale its vapors too much, and then you will be able to fully benefit from all the beneficial elements of Epsom salt without harm.

Buy magnesium sulfate from 100 grams from Aromasoap and prepare handmade cosmetics at home.

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