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Clove essential oil 10 ml (1 PC.)

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Article: 689
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Article: 689
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Clove or clove tree, aromatic syzygium, lat. name Syzygium aromaticum. Clove essential oil is extracted from the buds, pedicels, as well as stems and leaves, using steam distillation. The main component that clove essential oil contains is the fragrant substance eugenol. Clove oil is a colorless to yellow liquid substance with a pungent aftertaste and a noticeable strong eugenol aroma.

Properties of clove oil in cosmetology and medicine:

    carminative painkillers anti-infective antihelminthic anti-asthmatic antidiarrheal anti-tuberculosis anti-mosquito stimulating exciting aphrodisiac

Buy clove oil

The use of clove oil is common in soaps, facial cosmetics and hair products. You can always buy clove essential oil at an affordable price on the online store website.

Please note that there are contraindications for hypertensive patients and for use in inflammatory processes.

Useful combinations of clove oil with ginger, cinnamon, sage, cardamom, orange, ylang-ylang, bergamot and rose.

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