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Lavender essential oil 10 ml (1 PC.)

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Lavender is not only the “soul of Provence”. This is the smell of happiness, a symbol of peace of mind, love, purification and harmony.

Lavender essential oil originates from the warm shores of the Mediterranean. Today, the growing range of lavender is very wide, from East India to the Canary Islands.

Lavender is specially grown in Bulgaria, Spain and, of course, France.

Features of lavender essential oil

    INCI: Lavender Essential Oil Synonyms: Oleum lavandulaei Appearance: liquid, from transparent to light yellow, with a characteristic aroma Country of origin of raw materials: Ukraine Linalyl acetate: 20% Camphor: 1.25% Solubility in water: insoluble Refractive index 20?С: 1.466-1.479 Specific density 20?С: 0.874-0.897 Preparation method: distillation with water and steam Active ingredients: linalyl acetate ester, ketones, terpenes, alcohols

The highest concentration of lavender essential oil is found in the inflorescences of the plant, although everything that grows from above (stems, leaves, flowers) is used for production.

Lavender oil contains a significant amount of linalool, with a mild and pleasant aroma, as well as its acetic ester. In addition to them, geraniol, coumarin, borneol, furfural, etc. are present.

The properties of lavender oil are varied. In addition to the usual aromatherapy, it is used in cooking. Lavender oil has a floral-spicy, slightly woody-bitter, sophisticated aroma. It is used to refresh soft drinks, added to marinades and sauces, and also used for baking.

Lavender essential oil combines well with other essential oils and is well accepted as a base oil. This feature is especially important in the field of aromatherapy.

Many people decide to buy lavender essential oil for the first time precisely for this purpose. Lavender relieves anxiety well, brings a feeling of a clear mind and thoughts, and helps to get out of a depressive state.

We recommend trying several combinations with lavender oil:

    Concentration bath: 2 k. juniper; 3 parts bergamot; 3 parts lavender. Relaxing: 4 k. lavender; 2 parts chamomile; 2 parts marjoram; 1 set of roses.

Properties of lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil should be in every home medicine cabinet. Its action is very broad and multifaceted. The main thing is that lavender is suitable for all skin types, it works great in caring for children, and allergies to it are rare.

The main properties of lavender essential oil:

    anti-inflammatory, relieves redness, relieves pain from injuries and bruises; regenerating, helps in the healing of scars; eliminates peeling, treats acne, fungi, is used for psoriasis, skin ulcers, dermatitis; strengthens hair, eliminating brittleness and dandruff; has a general strengthening effect on the immune system, relieves colds and sore throats; helps with insomnia, stress, apathy, fear, anxiety, irritability, depression; removes unpleasant strong odor; evens out skin tone, smoothes, refreshes and mattifies it.

When used daily at home, lavender essential oil receives positive reviews from many women around the world.

Lavender essential oil in a duet with lemon is well suited for inhalation for adults and children for coughs and colds.

It restores the skin of the hands well. Baths with sea salt and lavender change the condition of the skin after just 10-15 minutes. It becomes smoother, softer and more pleasant to the touch.

A few drops of lavender oil on underwear will help cure thrush, fungus, and relieve itching and irritation.

By adding lavender to the base oil, you can enjoy a fragrant and healthy massage even at home. Lavender easily relieves muscle tension, improves blood circulation and even improves mood.

Lavender is a wonderful and natural fragrance for clothes and linen. A few drops eliminate mustiness in the closet and fill the space with freshness.

Lavender has long been used to combat moths when storing things. In addition, it disinfects the air in the room. To do this, it is enough to regularly light the aroma lamp. Just 3-5 drops for a medium sized room.

Lavender essential oil is very suitable for creating natural sachets that can be placed both at home as decor and in the car for a pleasant aroma.

Going on a hike, a walk or a vacation? Feel free to take lavender oil. It will not only repel mosquitoes, but also help get rid of discomfort after an insect bite.

We advise you to buy lavender oil and try the listed options yourself. After all, these are not all possible use cases.

Remember, essential oils are not soluble in water. To use lavender oil, use an “emulsifier.” This could be milk or honey, salt, sugar, base oil or alcohol.

Use of lavender essential oil in cosmetics

The properties of lavender listed above can be briefly grouped into the following list: antiseptic, deodorizing, bactericidal, healing, anti-inflammatory.

It is not surprising that in the world of cosmetics, lavender essential oil can be found in care products for all parts of the body.

The price of lavender essential oil at Aromasoap matches the quality of the oil and allows it to be used for a variety of purposes. From household tasks to professional cream making.

Application for body

    treats dermatitis, eczema, acne, heals well, has an antiseptic effect; smoothes out compactions and promotes the resorption of scars; used in compresses for rheumatism to relieve pain; relieves the consequences of burns, purulent wounds, ulcers on the body; relieves fatigue from the legs and removes unpleasant odor; used in intimate hygiene products; helps relieve headaches, migraines, anxiety.

Application for face

    mattifies, evens out tone, smoothes the surface; excellent in caring for oily skin and acne; tones, improves circulation; suitable even for sensitive skin types.

Application for hair and nails

    ideal oil for thinning, weakened hair and nails; fights dandruff and hair loss; strengthens nail plates, good for baths or as a component in an oil mixture for nails and cuticles.

In soap making, lavender essential oil is used to create “classic” lavender, baby and sensitive skin soaps. Traditional input percentage: 2%, however, variations are possible, both smaller and larger.

Input percentage:

    up to 2.5% in cosmetics; up to 4% in medicinal.

Dosage in drops (approximate):

    1 drop per 50 ml of water for rinsing the mouth; 4-6 drops of aroma lamp; up to 10 drops for a full bath, on average 5-7 is enough; 1 ml of essential oil per 50 ml of base oil for massage and oil tiles.

Features: lavender essential oil is prohibited for use by pregnant women, hypotension, epilepsy, and asthma. Do not combine with iron- and iodine-containing drugs. For children and older people, the oil concentration should be reduced by at least 2-3 times.

Storage: avoid exposure to light and air, do not heat. Like all essential oils, it is recommended to store in a dark glass container.

You can always quickly and promptly find out how much lavender essential oil costs in Aromasoap. You can quickly buy lavender essential oil on our website in one click.

Leave your reviews about lavender essential oil and share your impressions of using it on the Aromasoap website.

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