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Emulsion base Olivoil Glutamate Emulsifier

Article: 4220-3155
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Article: 4220-3155
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Article: 4220-3155
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INCI: Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Sodium Olivoyl Glutamate, Aqua.

Appearance and organoleptic properties: white waxy mass with a slight characteristic odor.

Solids content: 95.7%

pH 10% solution: 6.7

Optimal pH range: 5-7

Melting point: 57C

Type: oil-in-water lamellar emulsifier.

Scope of application: emulsion-based skin and hair care products.

Dosage: 3-8%

Store tightly closed at temperatures up to 25C.

Made in Italy (Kalichem)

Olivoil Glutamate Emulsifier is a mild emulsifying system for creating lamellar water-in-oil emulsions from natural ingredients of plant origin with good dermatological compatibility.

Under the influence of enzymes in the stratum corneum, olive oil glutamate breaks down into the amino acid glutamine and free fatty acids, which in turn enrich the natural hydro-lipid mantle of the skin.

If olive oil is a source of unsaturated fatty acids, it is advantageous. palmitic, oleic, then the remaining components of the emulsifier - cetyl stearyl alcohol and glycerol monostearate - complement the oil composition with a saturated fraction, expanding the functionality of the emulsifier as an emollient and humectant. Glycerol monostearate reduces the fatty effect of the cream, resulting in a “soft-touch” effect.

Olivoil Glutamate Emulsifier can be used in traditional and special formulas, is suitable for sensitive, dry, children's skin, has no toxicity and is completely biodegradable.

Using Olivoil Glutamate Emulsifier, you can obtain dense emulsion batters with high stability, as well as cream-based cleansers and makeup removers, since Olivoil glutamate is well compatible with nonionic and amphoteric surfactants.

Olivoyl emulsifier can be used as a self-sufficient emulsifier, but also as a stabilizer and co-emulsifier.

To obtain a cream with an oil phase of 20 to 40%, the amount of emulsifier should be from 5 to 8%. For lighter textures with a fatty phase of 10 to 20%, 3-5% is sufficient.

For better stability of the emulsion, it is worth adding a gelling agent in small quantities (0.1-0.3%).

The emulsifier is easy to use, the scheme is classic: the water and fat phases are heated separately, emulsification is carried out at a temperature of 70-75C. The aqueous phase can be introduced either simultaneously or in stages at the emulsion cooling stage.

The basic formula for a medium-density cream with good absorption, which can be packaged in a pump container or in a jar, looks like this:
Olivoil Glutamate Emulsifier - 5%
Emollients (fractionated coconut oil, isononyl isononoate) - 10%
Oils - 10%
Xanthan gum cosmetic - 0.1-0.3%
Water - 73%
Glycerin - 1%
Preservative Euksil 9010 - 0.7-0.8%

Actives are selected for a particular skin type, subtracting the appropriate amount of water from the formula.

If you add 3-5% of any of the surfactant oils or their combination, you will get a soft emulsion for washing, which is suitable for caring for dry and sensitive skin.

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