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Citric acid 500 g (1 PC.)

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Article: 1326
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Article: 1326
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Citric acid is a product known to everyone.

This white crystalline powder is often used for cooking. But this is far from the only area of ??its application.

Citric acid dissolves perfectly when it gets into water or ethyl alcohol, but it is not able to dissolve when it gets into diethyl ether.

For the esters and salts that are part of it, there is one common name - citrates.

Citric acid is primarily a natural or synthetic substance that can slow down oxidation. Scientists say that it is included in almost half of food products. These are oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits, various berries, as well as pine needles and much more. But Chinese lemongrass contains the most citric acid.

Citric acid: low price and great benefits

Citric acid can be used for medicinal purposes. It can cleanse the body, remove accumulated toxins and excess salts, remove carbohydrates, have a beneficial effect on the digestive system, vision and make the body resistant to various diseases.

It is able to expel all kinds of toxins from the body. Due to the fact that it can be produced in powder form, it is not capable of causing serious harm to the mucous membrane of the digestive system or respiratory tract.

The role of citric acid in the production of cosmetic products deserves special attention. It can tighten skin pores and remove unwanted age spots or freckles. Pure lemon juice or a two to three percent acid solution will give the skin smoothness and whiteness. After using it, the skin will lose its oily sheen and become noticeably clearer.

It is often used to improve nail health. It has a fairly soft effect, gives them shine and smoothness. But do not get carried away with this remedy, otherwise your nails may lose their natural hardness.

If you carefully read the composition of many nail strengthening products, you will find citric acid, to which lactic or malic acid has been added. It can also be found in many other cosmetic products.

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Хорошее качество, для бомбочек перемалываю в кофемолке . Всё отлично.
Очень разочарована(( для бомбочек не подходит, сырая, неимоверное количество раз делала и не могла понять причину запуска реакции. Брала не раз и результат тот же. Купила в магазине как и прежде (это дороже) и все хорошо. Все в магазине радует, товар, отношение, доставка, а вот с лк не повезло(((
Очень качественная лимонная кислота. Используем на бомбочки для ванн. Советуем!!
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