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Lactic acid 80%

Article: 2578-1183
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Молочная кислота - лучшее средство для химического пилинга чувствительной кожи и кожи склонной к раздражению. Пилинг с использованием молочной кислоты даже получил собственное название "молочный пилинг"

Article: 2578-1183
21 грн
Short description

Молочная кислота - лучшее средство для химического пилинга чувствительной кожи и кожи склонной к раздражению. Пилинг с использованием молочной кислоты даже получил собственное название "молочный пилинг"

Article: 2578-1183
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Eighty percent lactic acid is an almost transparent substance of a yellowish tint, similar to liquid syrup, and slightly smelling of sour milk.

It is also called 2-hydroxypropionic acid, alpha-hydroxypropionic acid, lactanoic acid.

Lactic acid can dissolve without a trace in an aqueous environment and once in ethanol, but chloroform, benzene and other halogenated hydrocarbon compounds cannot dissolve it. It is one of the alpha hydroxy acids or, as they are also called, fruit acids.

Most often it is used in the manufacture of cosmetic products due to the following qualities:

    moisturizing effect on the skin;

    improvement of skin regeneration;

    stimulating the production of substances such as collagen and lycosaminoglycan, which are part of the body's connective tissues.

Another popular use for lactic acid is a special type of chemical peel that is suitable for even the most vulnerable skin. This type of peeling was called “milk peeling” due to the use of lactic acid in it. It has a particularly mild effect and is therefore very popular. Milk peeling is well suited for skin that is highly sensitive and for aging skin; it will remove stretch marks and restore smoothness to the skin.

Use of lactic acid for cosmetic purposes

1. Nourishes the skin with moisture and prevents dryness.

2. Improves lipid metabolism.

3. Cleanses the skin, eliminates freckles and age spots.

4. Improves skin regeneration, allows the skin to renew itself, removes dead cells.

5. Returns youth and freshness to the skin, making it elastic again.

6. Cleanses pores, removes acne and various skin inflammations.

7. Relieves inflammation of the sebaceous glands and stops inflammatory processes.

8. Able to smooth out fine wrinkles and remove stretch marks.

9. Can adjust the pH level in the skin.

10. Promotes the formation of epithelium at the site of damage and further healing.

Based on the above, it is used for the following cosmetic purposes:

    production of cleansing and restoration products, as well as anti-aging skin products;

    production of creams and lotions for dry skin;

    production of products that lighten the skin;

    manufacturing products that can cure oily or problematic skin;

    carrying out milk peeling, which is actually capable of restoring youth to the skin, making it smooth and fresh;

    production of shampoos.

Tips for using lactic acid

A two percent solution can disinfect the surface of the skin, a ten percent solution can soften the stratum corneum, and a fifty percent solution will cauterize the inflamed area.

During the preparation of a cosmetic product, lactic acid is added either at the very end or when the product is in the aqueous phase.

For soap, only three percent of this substance is enough, for tonics and creams even less - a maximum of half a percent. In hair care products it can be no more than three percent. For peeling at home, only 4 percent is enough, while professional peeling from specialists can use all 30% of lactic acid.

It is believed that a cream that combines urea with lactic acid moisturizes the skin well
acid in a ratio of four to one.

Lactic acid for soap making

Lactic acid is a popular ingredient in soap making recipes. Once in the alkali solution, it releases the required amount of lactic acid salt or sodium lactate. The resulting substance is a high-quality moisturizer, which makes soap especially valuable and beneficial for the skin. Soap with lactic acid is completely hypoallergenic and suitable for any skin. Even for those who are very sensitive.

This soap is pleasant to the touch and holds its shape quite well. Soap with lactic acid lasts longer.

To extract salt from lactic acid, it is necessary to use sodium hydroxide at a rate of 0.36 grams per 1 gram of lactic acid.

First, lactic acid is dissolved in an aqueous medium, and then an alkali is added.

Store lactic acid in a tightly closed container, in a dry and dark place where the air temperature does not exceed twenty degrees Celsius.

What to remember when working with lactic acid

1. If you decide to do milk peeling, then remember that it consists of 3-6 stages, between which at least 14 days must pass. During this time, you should protect your skin from direct sunlight.

For the very first stage, you should not take products with the maximum addition of lactic acid (which is four percent). Use the lowest possible concentration solution to start and see how the skin reacts to it. If no negative reaction follows, then you can increase the concentration step by step until it reaches the limit of four percent.

Using a peel with a high concentration of lactic acid alone is dangerous. This is only permissible for beauty salons and cosmetology clinics staffed by qualified specialists.

It is necessary to wash off the product from the skin only with clean cold water. If you use hot water, the drug will leave serious inflammation on the skin.

2. Never use concentrated lactic acid without any admixtures. This can leave severe burns and damage to the mucous membranes and skin.

3. Lactic acid does not cause allergies, but one should not be careless here either. Before using any products with it, be sure to perform a standard allergy test on the skin of your wrist or elbow.

4. Lactic acid should not come into contact with any skin lesions.

5. It is dangerous to use lactic acid on bright sunny days, especially in midsummer.

6. Do not apply products with this acid near your eyes and mouth. The skin there is highly sensitive and very vulnerable.

7. Lactic acid cannot be combined with xanthan gum and sucrose stearate.

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Отличное качество, быстрая доставка. Буду ваш магазин рекомендовать знакомым. Вы молодцы!
Все просто супер, качество отличное.
Nataliya Soprazhinskaya
Заказываю эту кислоту здесь же уже несколько лет, идеально для пилинга!
Рекомендую ваш сайт где только можно
Все дуже швидко і якісно. Дякую !
як зробити пилинг для обличчя з молочної кислоти?
Чи можна додавати в кондицілонер для волосся?
Приобрела молочную кислоту, потому что хочу приготовить 5% и 10% пилинг для лица, а также в большей концентрации для кожи пяток.
О том, как правильно приготовить концентрацию и применять молочную кислоту, прочитала на сайте - Отзывы покупателей.
И еще я рада, что забирала заказ самовывозом из магазина. Зашла - и сразу увидела то, что давно еще хотела купить. Теперь буду знать, что все можно посмотреть и потрогать в релаьности.
Теперь буду приходить чаще.
Жаль, что не смогла купить мерный пластиковый стакан 1 л. Надеюь, он появится в ассортименте.
Оля Останина
можно ли молочную кислоту развести гидролатом?
Сделал первый пилинг в домашних условиях, результат очень понравился.
Использую не в косметических целях. Свою функцию выполняет на все 100%. Быстрая доставка
Надежда Денисюк
Такая кислота пригодится мне в приготовлении кремов, мыла, все соответствует описанию.
Все получила. Спасибо! все соответствует описанию и накладной.
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