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Soap base Neri White white, Ukraine 10 kg (1 PC)

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Article: 6038
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Article: 6038
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Neri White is a premium soap base from a Ukrainian manufacturer. This Ukrainian base can compete in quality with the bases of imported production, while in terms of price it is not competitive.

Neri White is snow-white, unlike the economy version.

Advantage of soap base:

- does not “dry out”;
- does not “cry”;
- does not contain third-party impurities;
- has a neutral odor;
- does not dry out the skin;
- hard;
- lathers and foams well;
- price quality.

Characteristics of soap base:

Solidification temperature: 52°C.
Color: white.
Film formation temperature: 72°C.
Odor: neutral.
Shelf life: 3 years from the date of production.
Hygroscopic activity: over 75% of relative air humidity.
Relative evaporation (shrinkage) in open air : 2-3% at 25°C and conditional air humidity 30%.

Composition according to INCI:

Water: 25-50%
Glycerin: 10-25%
Sodium searate: 10-25%
Propylene glycol: 10-25%
Sorbitol: 5-10%
Sodium laurate: 5-10%
Sodium laureth sulfate: 5-10%
Disodium laureth sulfosuccinate: 1-5%
Stearic acid: 0.5-1%
Sodium chloride: 0.5-1%
Lauric acid: 0.1-0.5%
Titanium dioxide: 0.1-0.5%
Tetrasodium ethidronate: 0.01-0.1
Pentasodium pentenate: 0.01-0.1.

The Aromasoap online store recommends Neri White soap base for both beginners and masters in the soap business.

Основа хороша, давно з нею працюю і ціна нормальна
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