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Crystal OPC Creamy Soap Base

Article: 533-417
Article: 533-417
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Article: 533-417
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Creamy soap base produced by Stephenson Group Ltd., England.

CRYSTAL OPC has a unique air structure, which significantly distinguishes it from other bases of the English line. The soap turns out to be extraordinarily beautiful, and gives a gentle foam, washes away impurities well and removes makeup.

The base is actively combined with other components, can be colored with dyes and pigments, and saturated with aromatic additives and essential oils. For the best effect, beat the base with a mixer, which saturates it with oxygen and noticeably increases in volume.

Recommended percentage of additives per 100 g of base:

    base oils – 1-2 tbsp pigment/pearl – 1/3 tsp liquid dye – 1-7 drops flavoring – 3-4 drops. essential oils – 3-5 drops. dry additives – 10-30 g cosmetic clay, honey – 1-3 tsp

The creamy soap base is sold by weight and at Aromasoap you can buy it from 250 grams. Please note that ordering a larger weight is more economical and you will be able to make a lot of handmade soap from a quality soap base at home. This is an ideal solution for souffl? soap, or for making soap cakes, or maybe you have your own idea. Order now!

Crystal OPC, branded Sugar Whip, is a unique and innovative product base designed to whip Crystal OPC, an incredibly flexible product. Users can create simple cleansers including whipped foaming bath oils, sugar scrub, body souffl? or salt scrub, all from one product base.

Product Feature

Free from parabens and MPG

Can be used for shower, bath or face wash

it produces creamy foam with fantastic foam levels

Soft wording

Zane's skin-friendly test

Moisturizing formula rich in glycerin

To process, simply use a mixer/beat Crystal OPC, add sugar, flavoring, essential oils or any other additives and continue to beat until the desired volume is reached. The product is used to create a wide range of different foaming body scrubs. THE IDEAL STARTING POINT for making whipped soaps, creating a wide range of beautiful products. Simply combine color and flavor to characterize your product line.


Here we show you how to create a simple Crystal OPC LP - a foaming bath oil base.

Follow the instructions below to create a range of specially formulated foaming bath oils using Crystal OPC.

Open/Cut: Simply open the package and safely cut the Crystal OPC Soap Base into smaller cubes, making the soap easier to handle and whip.

Add: You can now add a wide range of ingredients such as essential oils, salt, sugar, flavors, colors, botanicals and additives to customize your finished product. We recommend adding 2-3% essential oil/flavor and a 1:1 ratio when using sugar or E.G. salt. 500 grams of sugar and 500 grams of OPC crystal.

Mixing: Begin whisking the product gently, gradually increasing the speed of the mixing head. Continue to do this for a few minutes, ensuring that any additives you add are evenly distributed throughout the whipped butter.

Fill: Once you are happy with the consistency of the product, simply fill your container. We recommend using a wide mouth container for this product as the base is too viscous for narrow neck tubes.




Sorbitol 10–25

Sodium cocoyl isethionate 10–25

Disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate 10–15

Sodium chloride 1 -5

Phenoxyethanol 0.5-1

Tetrasodium EDTA <0.1

Appearance Opaque soft white at 20?C

Water content 21.0% -26.0%

Anion content 17.0–22.0%

pH at 50?C 5.5–7.0

Замовила вперше цю основу, працювати легко, ефект неймовірний, гарно збивається (головне, вчасно зупинитись)), збільшується в обсягах дуже гарно. На виробах виглядає дуже апетитно та привабливо. Рекомендую.
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Здравствуйте, сайтом очень довольна, всё действительно быстро,качественно, вежливо.Заказую не первый раз!!!
Основа хорошая, люблю с ней работать.
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Основа супер
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