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Soap base Forbury Direct White, SLS Free white Factory packaging 1 kg (1 PC)

Article: 5411
Article: 5411
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Article: 5411
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We present to your attention a new soap base on the Ukrainian market from the manufacturer Forbury Direct England. This foundation does not require additional dermatological tests because it is known in Europe and around the world. Soap makers from the UK, Germany, Spain, France and Italy have been familiar with the quality of products from this famous manufacturer for many years. The soap base from the English manufacturer Forbury Direct will be appreciated by both novice soap makers and soap professionals.

Benefits of Forbury Direct England Soap Base:

- does not contain SLS and parabens;
- vegetable origin;
- excellent foaming;
- contains vanilla stabilizer;
- has a neutral odor;
- good moisturizing effect due to the high glycerin content;
- ease of use;
- price quality.

Working with soap base is very easy. It is quite easily cut into small cubes and quickly melts to a liquid state. Thanks to the content of the stabilizer, vanilla does not darken when adding fragrances that contain it in their composition. The base has a neutral odor, which allows the aroma of the essential oil or fragrance to be fully revealed.

Propylene Glycol;
Sodium Laureth Sulfate;
Sodium Stearate;
Sodium Laurate;
Sodium Chloride;
Sodium Thiosulfate;
Titanium Dioxide;
Etidronic Acid.

Это мой первый магазин в котором начала закупаться, по роликам из интернета посоветовали мыльную основу страны: Англии. Сделала заказ и не пожалела, очень хорошая и качественная основа. Спасибо большое за качество)
Очень суперовый магазин. Всё делают быстро,весь товар соответствии с описанием. Спасибо Вам за ваш магазин
Жанна Козак
Гарно дякую за вашу працю! Відправили швидко, товари дуже класні!
Благодарю за быструю доставку! У Вас могу найти все, что мне нужно.
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