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Winter forest flavoring USA

Article: 6717-10176
Article: 6717-10176
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Article: 6717-10176
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This scent makes you feel like you're in the middle of the woods on a winter's day! The fragrance opens with top notes of bergamot, orange and lemon; with middle notes of geranium, lily and rose; base notes: patchouli, vetiver and tonka bean.

Top notes in the fragrance: bergamot, orange, lemon.

Middle notes in the fragrance: geranium, lily, rose.

Base notes in the fragrance: patchouli, vetiver, tonka beans.

Flavoring features: no phthalates, flash point - 90°C, contains vanillin - 0.3.

The flavoring agent is used in soap made from scratch using a cold cooking method, as well as in soy wax candles. The aroma spreads well, affects the color - the shade is beige, does not peel and has a persistent and rich aroma in the finished product.

Recommendations for introduction:

- up to 0.4% deodorants and antiperspirants of all types (sprays, sticks, roller products, deodorants-colognes and body sprays);
- up to 0.7% body paint (for children and adults), all types of eye products, make-up products, face foundation, face masks, face and eye and lip make-up removers, nose strips, wet wipes for the face;
- up to 8.3% fragrances of all types (toilet water, perfumes, solid perfumes, fragrances, etc.), scented bracelets;
- up to 2.1% all types of powder and talc (except baby powder and talc), body cream, body lotion, body oil, foot care products (creams and powders);
- up to 1.4% face tonic, face moisturizer;
- up to 2.1% hand cream, hand antiseptic, nail care products including cuticle cream;
- up to 4.1% permanent hair treatment or other chemical hair treatment including washable hair dye, hair conditioner, hair varnishes of all types, hair products without sprays (mousses, gels, non-washable conditioners), dry shampoo;
- up to 16.3% solid soap, all products added to bath water (gel, foam, mousse, salt, oil, etc.), all products for depilation (including for the face), shower gels of all kinds , rinse-off hair conditioner, liquid soap, shampoos of all kinds, shampoos for pets, shaving products of all kinds, in oil for aroma lamps, in a mixture for aroma diffusers;
- up to 60% in air freshener sprays, sprays of all types for animals;
- without restrictions on dosage: air fresheners and fragrances of all types (concentrated aerosols dosed, closed systems, incense, liquid fillings, crystals), sachets for aromatization, candles of all types, cat litter, deodorants and masking agents not intended for contact with the skin, dishwashing detergents, incense sticks, paints, plastic products (except children's toys), shoe creams.

It is forbidden to use flavoring: mouth rinses, including breathing sprays; toothpastes; lip products of all types (solid or liquid); lipsticks, balms and wax (transparent or colored); children's toys.

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