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Article: 2681-1686
Article: 2681-1686
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Article: 2681-1686
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Cyclomethicone is a clear, colorless liquid substance with a slight odor. Its viscosity is 3.96 cS and its refractive index is 1.3975.

Useful qualities of cyclomethicone

In the composition of care products, cyclomethicone, along with natural oils, acts as an emollient. This substance is completely neutral. It cannot penetrate the skin, does not affect the functioning of the body's systems in any way, does not participate in any chemical reactions, does not deteriorate or oxidize, and can disappear from the skin without a trace. Thus, this substance does not interfere with the functioning of other components, and at the same time is completely harmless to the body.

It is easy to mix any liquid oils of natural origin into cyclomethicone, as well as mineral oils, various silicones, and fatty alcohols. When exposed to high temperatures, beeswax can also be added to it. Cyclomethicone is not soluble in aqueous media. It cannot be dissolved by ethanol and glycerin.

The role of cyclomethicone in cosmetics

    can act as a conditioner;

    does not add heaviness to hair;

    helps to comb hair easily;

    the hair does not become electrified after it.

It is added to sunscreens, bath products, shampoos and hair sprays, lotions and tonics, deodorants, shaving products and more.

Most cyclomethicone is found in hair sprays - almost 100 percent. Slightly less in perfumes (up to 85 percent). In solid cosmetics - up to 55 percent, in deodorants up to 10, in balms, masks and other hair care products - up to eight, and in creams and lotions - up to 20.

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Елена Букшань
Прекрасная альтернатива сухому маслу для волос)))
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