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Babassu oil (butter) refined

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Article: 1152-1346
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Article: 1152-1346
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Refined babassu oil is a hard "butter" oil, high in lauric acid, which contributes to the oil's protective, antimicrobial properties.

In terms of composition and characteristics, babassu is close to coconut oil. However, it has significant differences. For example, it foams much better, so it will be much stronger in soap making than coconut.

    INCI: Babassu (Orbignya oleifera) Butter Appearance: solid mass, from light yellow to yellow, odorless. Fatty acid ratio: lauric 48%, oleic 15%, palmitic 8%, capric 7%, caprylic 4%, stearic 4%, linoleic 2%. Saponification number: 250 Iodine number (number of unsaturated oil bonds): 10-22 Unsaponifiable fraction: 0.2-0.8% (of which 45-135 mg tocotrienols are antioxidants) Density: 0.91 Solubility: insoluble in water Melting point: 30-32?С Production method: pressing, refining and deodorization

Babassu oil is similar in properties and chemical composition to coconut oil. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins.

The composition of babassu oil is very similar to sebum, sebum. This similarity has ensured babassu's use in products for all skin types.

The oil is an excellent emollient, it is well distributed over the skin. After it there is no oily sheen and stickiness. Babassu is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin silky and supple.

Babassu oil is considered a very good moisturizer. For this reason, it is added to many care products, both for oily, problematic, and age-related and even children's skin. Plus, it doesn't clog pores.

Refined babassu oil protects the skin, preventing possible dehydration.

Given the high content of lauric acid, the only limitation on the use of babassu relates to the possible drying of the skin. However, this can be avoided by observing the input norms. For this reason, it is undesirable to use it in its pure form.

Lauric acid provides babassu with a strong antibacterial effect. Because babassu is well suited for the care of damaged skin.

In addition, babassu will help restore brittle, damaged, lifeless hair with the help of masks and balms.

The main properties of refined babassu oil:

    Protective; Moisturizing; Revitalizing; Anti-aging; Antibacterial; UV protection; Foaming improvement (soap).

Babassu oil will be a good solution in cases

    Damaged, dehydrated skin; Peeling and coarsening of some areas of the skin; Dry, damaged, devoid of beauty and natural shine of hair.

Separately, babassu is isolated in soap making. This is a great oil for improving the cleansing properties of soap from scratch and making lather rich and creamy.

In soap, the recommended input rate of babassu is up to 30%. Babassu oil, with a significant input into the “zero”, will help enhance the effect of mint essential oil and menthol itself.

In creaming, babassu enhances stability. Most often, input rates do not exceed 10-15%. Although there are recipes with a higher content.

Input percentage: 1-25%, 100%

    2-10% baby funds; up to 10% sun protection series and hair care; 10-15% of skin peeling; up to 25% lip care.

In soap making, 25-30% can be used. And up to 100% is applied only in masks not on a regular basis.

Storage: in a tightly closed container, not above 25?С. It may precipitate in a cool place, which does not affect the properties. When heated, it is completely restored.

Note: It is not recommended to use in its pure form, only mixed with other oils.

Елена Бугаенко
Масло понравилось.
Удивило то, что баттер был расфасован в стеклянную бутылочку с узким горлом. На мой вопрос к продавцу как так может быть и как достать оттуда масло? было сказана - что было в то и разлили. А взять масло из банки можно только путем нагревания. Странный подход.
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