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Cocoa butter natural non-deodorized

Article: 489-1735
Article: 489-1735
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Article: 489-1735
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Name: cocoa butter

Botanical appearance: Theobroma cacao General characteristics of the oil in terms of appearance, smell, consistency: light yellow, creamy in color, with a delicate smell of chocolate, solid at room temperature, becomes soft on contact with the skin.

The content of fatty acids in descending order: oleic (25-41%), stearic (28-38%), palmitic (25-35%), linoleic (2-7%), arachidic (up to 1.5%), linolenic ( up to 1%).

Unsaponifiable fraction: up to 1.2%, B-sitosterol predominates (plant hormone-like substance with antiandrogenic effect).

It contains theobromine (up to 0.4%) and caffeine (up to 0.1%), which tone the cardiovascular system and improve microcirculation, as well as rare forms of vitamin E - tocotrienols, with a stronger antioxidant capacity than tocopherols.

Iodine number - the number of all unsaturated bonds of oil: 33-42

Stable, very resistant to rancidity (up to 5 years in a package closed from light and air). The spreadability is low, it is absorbed slowly. Non-drying.

General cosmetic properties.

The melting temperature is close to the temperature of the human body (32-35 degrees C), due to which it is used for the manufacture of chocolate, balms, massage tiles, suppositories, medicinal ointments (included in the pharmacopoeias of most countries of the world). Good consistency.

Softens, nourishes, regenerates, tones, heals the skin, restores its hydrolipidic balance.


- protection of the skin from aggressive climatic influences, in conditions of dryness, frost, chapping (in winter cosmetics)

- giving firmness, elasticity, lifting effect and smoothing wrinkles, in anti-cellulite formulations

- protects against premature aging, suitable for aging and dry skin

- prevention of stretch marks, elimination of minor cosmetic defects - shallow scars, spider veins, the effects of inflammation, post-acne.

- for delicate baby skin, as well as delicate, sensitive areas of the body

- in lip care in hygiene products and decorative cosmetics

- gives hair shine, smoothness and silkiness, suitable for dry and porous hair

- in respiratory diseases, as a soothing pain in the throat (with hot milk)

- soap "from scratch" gives a creamy shade, gives a stable foam and hardness, but at a content of more than 15% can make it brittle.

May be comedogenic, which is important to consider when caring for your skin.

Turns white when burned.

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Дуже задоволена товаром цього магазину. Замовляла не тільки цей продукт. Все дуже сподобалося! Товар якісний, продавці швидко зв'язуються і відправляють товар. Наступного разу буду замовляти тільки в цьому магазині! Щиро вдячна! Рекомендую!!!
Брала для помад, все хорошо получалось.
Все в порядке. Можно брать.
Пришел недовес, и очень много крошки, но в целом нормально.
Елена Бутенко
Качество продукта , стоимость и лёгкость покупки не первый раз меня приводят в этот магазин. Спасибо.
отличное качество-рекомендую
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