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Refined olive oil (butter)

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Article: 3261-2107
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Article: 3261-2107
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Refined olive oil (butter), obtained by cold pressing, while retaining all the beneficial properties of the fruits of the olive tree.

Appearance: yellowish solid or semi-solid mass.

Melting point: 47 0С.

Pour point: 46 0С.

Iodine number: 58.9.

Saponification number, MgKOH/g: 173.1

Acid number, MgKOH/g: 1.4

Composition of olive oil

The composition of the olive butter contains a huge amount of fatty acids, the concentration of oleic acid reaches 79.15%. In addition, olive oil combines highly valued omega-6 fatty acids: palmitic, stearic, palmotoleic, linoleic, alpha-linoleic. Olive butter contains phenols, phytosterols and a huge amount of vitamin E.

Due to the significant content of oleic acid, refined olive oil butter is widely used in cosmetology and soap making, to create face, body and head skin care products, as well as hair care products. It is also used in color cosmetics to improve flow, stabilize the emulsion and regulate viscosity.

Used in emulsions: water-in-oil and oil-in-water.

Properties of olive oil in cosmetology:

    has a rejuvenating effect smoothes fine wrinkles around the eyes absorbs well without weighing down skin cells does not clog pores and does not cause allergies prevents premature aging of the body actively works against stretch marks and fights cellulite contributes to the normalization of lipid metabolism in the skin heals ulcers and insect bites relieves muscle fatigue helps restore brittle and exfoliating nails returns shine to hair moisturizes dry hair fights dandruff and hair loss

Recommended Input Percentage:

    soap: 3-12% face creams and lotions: 3-20% lip balms: 5-100% "lazy cream" and massage products: up to 100% scalp and hair products: 2-20%

Olive butter is ideal for massage and body care in its purest form.

Storage advice: oxidizes in air, store in a closed container.

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