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Oil Palm Kernel RDO (butter)

Article: 1645-1906
Article: 1645-1906
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Article: 1645-1906
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Palm kernel oil RDO is a solid oil (butter), refined, deodorized and purified.

The source of the oil is the fruits of oil palms. In addition to cosmetics, palm kernel oil is actively used in food production.

    INCI: Palm Kernel Oil Appearance: semi-solid mass, from white to yellow, odorless or with a very slight aroma. The ratio of fatty acids: lauric 45-55%, myristic 14-18%, oleic 12-19%, palmitic 6.5-10%, caprylic 2.4-6.2%, capric 2.6-5%, linoleic 1 -3.5%, stearic 1-3%, nylon up to 0.8%, linolenic 0.2%, arachidic 0.2%, gondoic 0.2%, palmitoleic up to 0.2%, behenic up to 0.2% . Saponification number: 230-254 Iodine number (unsaturated oil bonds): 14.1-21.0 Density: 0.88-0.91 Solubility: insoluble in water Melting point: 25.9–28.0 ?С Pour point: 20-24 ?С

Palm kernel oil is similar to the fat found on human skin. This explains the good absorption of the oil by the skin.

Palm kernel oil is often used for massage purposes. After it, the skin becomes softened and smooth.

The oil contains about 55% lauric acid. She, in particular, is responsible for antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. Additionally, the oil has a bactericidal effect and helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of the environment.

This percentage of lauric acid brings palm kernel oil closer to coconut oil. But the latter is less valued due to the fact that palm kernel produces a general healing effect, and also gently cleanses the skin.

Butter palm kernel oil is close in composition to palm oil, since both are produced from the same type of palm, but palm kernel oil has a higher iodine and acid number.

Tocotrienols and tocopherols in palm kernel oil are antioxidants that prevent premature aging of the skin and help it retain youth and beauty for longer.

By strengthening the barrier functions of the skin, palm kernel oil helps it restore and improve water-lipid metabolism. As a result, fine wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin retains more moisture and improves its appearance over time.

Oil is often used:

    in the care of cracked, rough skin; for dehydrated skin; for problem skin care on elbows, knees; in dry hair care.

Like palm oil, palm kernel oil is comedogenic, that is, it promotes the formation of comedones (blockage of pores) on the skin.

In its pure form, refined oil is practically not used, since it is devoid of valuable and useful substances due to additional processing and purification. For the skin, unrefined oil will be more useful.

The oil saponifies easily, it can be used in soap in large volumes. Sometimes there are recipes and up to 100% in the composition.

In such cases, you should be aware of the percentage of water in the recipe so that as a result the soap does not crumble when cutting.

Soap with palm kernel oil will be hard, white, with a good lather. It provides hardness to the soap, and the foam makes it stable and plentiful.

You can buy palm kernel oil and choose a convenient packaging in one click on our website.

Many novice soap makers focus on palm and palm kernel oils due to their wide distribution and affordability.

Input percentage: 1-100%

    up to 20% hydrophilic agents; up to 60% soap making, sometimes 100%.

Storage: in a tightly closed container, avoid sunlight. At temperatures below 19°C, the oil changes from a liquid and semi-solid state to a solid state. Keep this in mind when storing oil.

Notes: Eco advocates are trying to eliminate palm kernel/palm oil from their products and replace it with more valuable and healthier alternatives. There are a number of reasons for this, from the harm of the oil itself (disputes about its carcinogenic nature) to the negative impact on the environment during the production of oil.

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