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Shea butter (Karite) unrefined (butter)

Article: 1708-1008
Article: 1708-1008
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Article: 1708-1008
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The legendary karite or shea butter is a great exotic butter. Shea butter is extracted from the fruit of the shea tree. It is distributed on the African continent between Nigeria and Senegal.

    INCI: Shea (Butyrospermum parkii) Butter Raw Appearance: solid/semi-solid mass, ivory to grey-yellow. It has a recognizable, specific nutty smell, sometimes similar to rancid butter The ratio of fatty acids: oleic 40-55%, stearic 35-45%, palmitic 3-7%, linoleic 3-8%, linolenic up to 1% Saponification number: 175-183 Iodine number (number of unsaturated oil bonds): 55-73 Density: 0.88-0.92 Solubility: insoluble in water Unsaponifiable fraction: up to 17% Active substances: vitamins E, A, F, D, B, C, phytosterols, tocopherols, cinnamon oil esters, magnesium, potassium, iron, folic acid Type: non-drying Production method: mechanical extraction

Natural shea butter enjoys great love in its homeland and continues to win the hearts of domestic masters of home cosmetics and soap making.

In Africa, shea butter is used as food, and the remnants of production are sold in the markets. Local beauties with shea butter treat many skin diseases, save themselves from dry weather, constant wind, and heat.

Shea butter helps in daily care to heal cracks and wounds, protect the skin and moisturize.

Today, in the cosmetic field, it is used in body, face and hair care of all types.

We recommend buying shea butter, especially in winter. With him, no frosts are terrible.

The main properties of natural shea butter:

    nutritious; protective (including UV); emollient; antioxidant; restorative; moisturizing.

Shea butter is considered one of the best massage oils. It absorbs well, but not instantly. The skin after it is very soft, incredibly pleasant to the touch.

Shea is often found in baby creams. There are practically no allergies and contraindications to this oil.

Due to its antioxidant properties, shea is added to anti-aging cosmetics. The oil enhances regeneration, smoothes wrinkles and has a pleasant rejuvenating effect.

Shea is an invariable component of beach cosmetics. It not only saves from dry air and wind, but also protects from harmful ultraviolet rays.

We advise you to buy shea butter and check its properties immediately for yourself. To do this, just put the oil on your hands at night and rub it. Your hands will thank you in the morning.

In addition, natural shea butter will take care of the beauty and health of nails and hair. For nail care, it is enough to periodically rub the oil into the nails. And for good hair nutrition, you can use balms and masks containing shea butter.

You can buy shea butter in specialized organic stores or online soap making portals. On the Aromasoap website, you can always choose a convenient oil weight and quickly receive your order.

The use of unrefined shea butter

In daily care, shea butter can be used for a variety of purposes.

Body Application:

    from stretch marks; base massage oil; for children's, sensitive skin; for softening and subsequent healing of wounds and cracks; to maintain skin elasticity in the neck and d?collet? area; from solar exposure; for brittle nails; for healing wounds from insect bites.

Facial application

    for dry skin from itching or peeling, redness; in anti-age care to restore elasticity, from wrinkles; for skin softening, velvety and tenderness; from swelling under the eyes; against pigmentation, for an even tone; for lip care, especially with cracks, peeling, wounds.

Application for hair

    to nourish all hair, especially dry, dyed; from falling out; to give strength, shine, moisture.

In soap making from scratch, refined shea butter is used, which is devoid of a characteristic smell, but at the same time gives the soap chic characteristics.

Shea butter soap will gently cleanse the skin with its soft, creamy lather and leave behind a silky feeling. The usual input rate is 15-30%.

Input percentage: 1-100%

Storage: in a closed container, at room temperature, in a dark place.

Where can I buy shea/shea butter? Of course, for this you do not have to go to the African continent. Just look at the online store of goods for soap making and cosmetics - Aromasoap.

On our website you can buy unrefined shea butter in convenient packaging. From 25 grams for those who just want to try a luxurious oil to half a kilogram packages for soap makers and true connoisseurs.

When buying shea butter, pay attention to how much unrefined shea butter costs. It's not the cheapest oil. The price must be appropriate.

In Kyiv, you can buy shea butter at our physical address in the capital.





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Производитель: Henry Lamotte, Германия
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