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D-Panthenol 75% (d-panthenol)

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Article: 1629-1739
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Article: 1629-1739
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Appearance: liquid, transparent to slightly yellow. Without smell. The consistency is “stringy”, viscous, similar to syrup.

INCI: D-Panthenol

Main substance content: 75.7%

Country of origin: China

Solubility: in alcohol and water, poorly in glycerin, insoluble in oils.

What is d-panthenol?

Panthenol in Ukraine is known under such names as B5, pantothenilol, pantothenol, pantothenic acid.

D-panthenol is a derivative of pantothenic acid. It, in turn, belongs to the B vitamin.

What is d-panthenol used for?

This is a water-soluble vitamin necessary for metabolism in the body, that is, metabolism. With its help, chemical reactions between sugars, fats and proteins occur, and hormones are synthesized.

D panthenol in cosmetics

D pantenol penetrates very deeply into the skin, not only into the epidermis, but also into the dermis. It activates and awakens the skin. With its help, cell growth is accelerated both inside the skin and in the epidermis.

By influencing the process of creating lipids and proteins, panthenol stimulates more active cell division. Due to this, the healing of damaged skin areas is significantly accelerated. Unpleasant sensations from injuries, wounds, burns pass faster, irritation and inflammatory processes decrease.

D panthenol application:

    from mechanical damage to the skin and sunburn; relief of inflammation, rashes; elimination of dryness and irritation; moisturizing, smoothing wrinkles.

What d panthenol is needed for is for the rapid restoration of skin cells and tissues. It affects damaged keratin (protein). And restoration of keratin is important for rapid skin regeneration.

D panthenol is especially suitable for sensitive skin. It can be used in the care of skin prone to constant and severe irritation.

Cosmetic properties of pantenol d

The price of panthenol “d” in Ukraine, like other cosmetic active ingredients, remains affordable for everyone involved in the production of home cosmetics.

We recommend buying d-panthenol from the very beginning, as a base component in the cream maker's arsenal. Reviews about panthenol d and products containing it are always good.

Basic cosmetic properties of panthenol D:


Dry skin becomes elastic and soft, panthenol improves hydration.

    Relieving inflammation.

Soothes irritated skin, relieves even severe inflammation.


By relieving inflammation, panthenol stimulates cell synthesis, which helps remove the effects of burns and heal wounds from cuts, abrasions, and ulcers.

    Sun protection.

It helps reduce the effects of sun exposure by increasing the production of protective pigment.

An example of such an action is Bapanten ointment, to which panthenol d is added.

What is d panthenol 75%? In our store, panthenol is presented in the form of a solution of panthenol in water with the addition of citric acid.

It is introduced into the aqueous phase. Temperature range: up to 50°C.

Application by zone:

D panthenol for face:

    Relieves inflammation, has a strong antibacterial effect. Strong wound healing and skin regeneration. Deep hydration.

D panthenol for hair:

    Panthenol for split ends is the number 1 remedy. The effect is noticeable almost immediately after use. Treats both already split hair and prevents possible hair damage. Moisturizes hair, very good for dry hair and very damaged hair, for quick recovery; strengthens, increases thickness, gives a gorgeous shine.

Panthenol for nails:

    Activates growth, increases strength.

The price of panthenol in Ukraine is very reasonable and allows it to be used in many cosmetic products of a wide range.

Aromasoap recommends buying d-panthenol to everyone who makes cosmetics. It will be needed for shampoos and hair masks, for tightening serums for tired skin, for children's gels, for micellar water and sunscreens.

Input percentage: 0.5-7%

    0.5–1.5% cleansers and moisturizers, children's series; up to 2% gels, serums, shampoos, nail care; up to 3% conditioners, hair masks, healing products, sun protection series.

In pharmaceutical preparations, the concentration of panthenol can reach up to 7–9%. At home, we recommend following the above dosage.

Storage: it is advisable to store at a temperature not exceeding 25°C. It is resistant to light and air.

Special instructions: apply after preliminary allergy testing.

You can always buy panthenol in Kyiv in our store.

Скажите пожалуйста, какая плотность? Для перевода в грамм нужно или ровно как вода? Сколько г столько и мл?
Можно будет использовать в чистом виде? Д-пантенол.
Анастасия Зайченко
Подскажите, это так цена выросла или опечатка? Недавно заказывала по 42 грн за 30 мл.
Подскажите пожалуйста, растворим ли пантенол в масле и циклометиконе?
Елена Бугаенко
D-PANTENOL добавляла в твердый шампунь. СУПЕР.
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