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Natural wax foundation Dark Green 200 mm * 255 mm (1 шт)

Article: 6629
Article: 6629
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Article: 6629
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Foundation consists of rectangular sheets obtained by pressing and rolling wax, followed by the application of original stamping in the form of a honeycomb. In the generally accepted concept, natural wax is used to make church candles, but nowadays both decorative candles and cosmetics are made from this material. Original wax candles, lit in a homely atmosphere, will give warmth, comfort and security. When wax burns, phytoncides that are beneficial to humans are released, which are immunostimulating substances and have an antiseptic effect.

Application of natural wax:

    Handmade soap Decorative candles Balms, glosses and lipsticks Other cosmetics Foundation properties: Bactericidal Calming Relaxing Anti-inflammatory Softening Exfoliating Sun protection

The product of natural origin was produced in Ukraine, by little hard-working bees, so that you can touch nature and enjoy its aroma while in a city apartment or in a country house. Order in 1 click, and we will send your order to any city in Ukraine.

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