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Water-soluble Babassu oil

Article: 2426-2188
Article: 2426-2188
31 грн
Article: 2426-2188
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The transparency of the product is lost if the input level exceeds 3-5%. Water-soluble babassu oil at 10-15% “gels” the product, that is, makes it gel-like, while transparency is lost.


    INCI: Babassu Oil Hydrogenized Appearance: oily liquid, transparent Active ingredients: oleic, linoleic acids, capra and caprylic acids, sterols and tocotrienols. Saponification number: 48.8 Acid number: 0.95 Solubility: water, alcohol pH level: 7.7 (in 5% solution)


Properties of water-soluble babassu oil in cosmetology


    It’s hard to imagine creating wash-off cosmetics without water-soluble oils. Today, the variety of this form of oil release is increasing significantly. Water-soluble babassu oil has already won love among home cosmetics makers. This is a very pleasant oil, light, ideal for wash-off products. It cleanses pores well and refreshes the skin after use. Water-soluble oils foam very well, and babassu is no exception. It is thanks to its excellent foaming properties that it is added to shampoos and hair gels. In addition to good cleansing, the oil will help soften the hair, improve its structure, give it silkiness and shine. It is suitable for children's cosmetics, as it does not irritate delicate baby skin and reduces inflammation.


There are several main properties of the oil:


    Moisturizing; Emollient; Protective; Healing; Sunscreen; Anti-inflammatory.


Water-soluble babassu oil will moisturize any skin and protect against moisture loss, thanks to its protective function.


It not only makes your hair soft and silky, but also your skin. In addition, it becomes elastic due to the activation of collagen synthesis.


The oil does not clog pores, and therefore it can be added to all products, including those for oily, problem skin.


Application of babassu oil (BPM) in cosmetics


First of all, it should be noted that in soap making, water-soluble oils act as full-fledged analogues of base, care oils in the manufacture of soap base.


In such soap, up to 5% water-soluble oil will be sufficient. At the same time, the foaminess of the soap will not deteriorate, and the beneficial properties of the oil in the soap will be preserved. The base itself will remain transparent. But remember the input rate!


In the cosmetic field, with this oil they create:


    Facial cleansing foams; Cleansing gels; Sunscreens; Gels and foams for shower and bath; Lotions and tonics; Shampoos and hair masks.


Input percentage: 1-20%

    1-5% toner, micellar water (makeup remover); 2-8% hair care; 10% healing agents up to 15% baby products and shower gels.


Storage: in a cool place, in a closed container.


It may harden when the temperature changes, small grains may appear, which does not affect the properties of the oil. When heated, it becomes transparent again.

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