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Macadamia oil unrefined

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Article: 2888-1619
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Article: 2888-1619
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The unique chemical composition of macadamia provides the oil with excellent properties.

Palmitoleic acid in its composition is identical to human lipids in human skin. Macadamia nut oil is an alternative to animal products such as spermaceti (from sperm whales) and mink oil.

    INCI: Macadamia Oil Appearance: light liquid with or without a slight nutty odor. Country of origin of raw materials: Country of origin: Fatty acid ratio: oleic 54-65%, palmitoleic 16-24%, palmitic 7-12%, stearic 2-8%, eicosenoic up to 5%, alpha-linolenic up to 3%. Active ingredients: tocopherols (gamma-tocophero 19 mg/100g), thiamine, magnesium, sterols. Saponification number: 185-192 Iodine value (number of unsaturated bonds in the oil): 70-81 Density: 0.9 Unsaponifiable fraction: 0.5% Solubility: insoluble in water Type: non-drying Production method: pressing, refining

Macadamia nut shells are so hard that they can be broken mechanically. The further processing process itself is very labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Macadamia nut is one of the most expensive in the world and comes from Australia. Today this nut grows in many countries with tropical climates.

The high percentage of palmitoleic acid, which decreases with age in the human body, brings macadamia nut oil closer to animal fats.

Macadamia is a hypoallergenic oil that is safe even for children. Can serve as a complete replacement for mink oil. Therefore, “macadamia oil” is a common ingredient in baby creams.

Cosmetic properties of macadamia nut oil

Macadamia has several important properties. It is easily combined with other oils, many thickeners, and emulsifiers. Weakly oxidizes and is highly stable.

Macadamia oil is used up to 100% in its pure form. It is great, like almond, it accepts essential oils.

The main features are that macadamia is without stickiness and greasy marks on the skin and easily penetrates deep into it. In addition, this oil is one of the best antioxidants.

If you are making homemade cosmetics, we recommend buying macadamia oil and trying it in your recipes.

Properties of macadamia oil for face and body:

    easy penetration into the skin; improvement of skin structure; rejuvenates mature skin, eliminates fine wrinkles, refreshes; moisturizes dry skin, baby skin; restores lifeless hair, including after dyeing; protects against UV rays and environmental pollution; antioxidant effect for any skin; softens, eliminates peeling and irritation.

Macadamia is considered an excellent oil for combating signs of cellulite. By influencing fat metabolism, the oil helps to “awaken” the skin and activate sebum production. The texture of the skin improves over time and the citrus “crust” decreases.

In soap making, macadamia is a good superfat. Input rate up to 10%. It gives a fine, luxurious foam in soap. Suitable for children's and sensitive skin.

Input percentage: 1-100%

    2-5% skin around the eyes; up to 10% dry, aging skin, lip balms, neck, d?collet?; up to 15% nail care; up to 30% massage, anti-cellulite mixtures; up to 100% restoration of damaged hair.

Storage: in a cool, dark place. The oil is highly stable.

Notes: Macadamia oil is considered hypoallergenic, but if you have a nut allergy or are in doubt, be sure to do a sensitivity test.

The price of macadamia oil, of course, differs from more affordable and common oils. If you are planning to buy macadamia nuts, be sure to pay attention to this. The price of macadamia oil cannot be low.

If you don’t know where to start, we advise you to buy macadamia oil for the face and try it on yourself first. You can leave reviews about macadamia oil in the comments under the product.

In Kyiv, you can buy macadamia oil in our Aromasoap store or order it on the website.

Светлана Коваленко
Спасибо, продукция просто супер.
Заказываю только в этом магазине. Всё просто супер и продукция ,и доставка!
Я приобрела это масло и оно мне очень понравилось! Кожа у меня сухая плюс я еще и аллергик. Подобрать крем для меня мука мученическая, я пробовала и магазинные и аптечные кремы, при чем марки типа "Авен", "Ля-рош", которые должны подходить для проблемной кожи, но все равно покрывалась пятнами, которые шелушились и зудели. А вот масло макадамии мне хорошо подошло: кожа нежная, мягкая и не шелушиться)
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