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St. John's wort oil (oil extract)

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Article: 2209-285
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Article: 2209-285
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St. John's wort oil or its natural extract refined with the addition of corn oil is a reddish-brown oily substance that smells like St. John's wort.


Its oxidation capacity is 3.4 and its acidity is 0.7.


The density index is 0.920, and the refractive index is 1.4733. The percentage of essential oils is 0.02.


St. John's wort oil is rich in many different vitamins, macro- and microelements, carotene and valuable fatty acids.


It is generally accepted that the oil obtained as a result of extraction is as valuable and useful as almond oil.


Use of St. John's wort oil in cosmetics

We have already said above that it is useful, but now we will tell you in more detail how you can become more beautiful thanks to St. John's wort oil.


People with mixed skin types and those whose skin is oily and requires cleansing should especially pay attention to it.


St. John's wort oil will stop existing inflammation, heal acne, cleanse the skin in every possible way and deprive it of oily shine. It has a beneficial effect on the protective layers of the skin, while eliminating unwanted oiliness and nourishes dry areas with moisture.


For those who have combination skin, it is always difficult to take care of their face, and St. John's wort oil is exactly the remedy that will help get rid of problems once and for all. This oil is suitable for allergy sufferers and those whose skin is very sensitive and reacts to the slightest irritants. St. John's wort oil has a soothing effect on the skin, can heal an itchy area and relieve irritation, and in general has a healing effect on the skin.


Its properties as a strong antioxidant can prolong the youth of the skin, prevent its aging and prevent possible dryness. This oil has retained all the medicinal abilities that St. John's wort has. It can heal a variety of burns and wounds, prevent them from festering and speed up healing.


According to numerous reviews, St. John's wort oil, if applied just a couple of times a day to damaged areas of the body, can heal them right before our eyes. Whether it's a trace of frostbite, a purulent abscess or a deep cut - St. John's wort oil will heal everything. This is a centuries-tested remedy that was used by our ancestors.


By healing wounds, St. John's wort oil prevents the formation of scars on the body, so that after a while there will be no trace of the damage.


Where to buy St. John's wort oil?

Our online store offers you St. John's wort oil at a competitive price.


Buy it on our website and choose a convenient delivery and payment method. If you live in Kyiv, you can pick up your purchase yourself, saving on delivery.

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