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Active complexes for cosmetics

Active complexes for cosmetics are the main active substances in cosmetics, which actually give cosmetics certain properties. You can combine active substances in cosmetics, but always follow the recommended percentage of addition in the recipe and combine only those components that, reacting with each other, will not have a negative effect on the skin.

So, for example, if you combine ANA or BNA acids with retinol, they will mutually enhance each other's effect and redness and peeling of the skin will begin. But why invent something yourself, if the manufacturers have already done everything for you!

Advantages of active complexes

In active complexes, all ingredients are perfectly balanced and they will not irritate the skin, besides, they will influence it as actively as possible and perform their functions.

     balanced composition
     maximum active action
     the percentage of input to the prescription is available
     simplified process of creating cosmetics

So, active handmade complexes give you a wide field of action. You can create your own recipes for weight loss with anti-cellulite and stretch mark complexes, rejuvenating cosmetics with collagen, elastin and chitosan, and even hair cosmetics by adding a hair growth complex.

Buy active complexes for handmade cosmetics

You can buy active all components for cosmetics in our online store. Add only proven active complexes to your cosmetics. Such substances do not cause inflammation and irritation on the skin and give the best effect.

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