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Fragrance in candle manufacturing is perhaps one of the key components in this process. After all, the task of candles is not only to perform the function of lighting devices. Today, they also bring comfort, filling the house with pleasant aromas, good mood and warmth. For this, during the manufacture of a candle, special substances are introduced into it - various aromas and fragrances.
Fragrances for candles should have a number of specific properties:

     be fat-soluble, since the candle does not contain components containing water;
     not to weather in the finished candle, but only to be released during burning;
     be safe - do not emit harmful substances.

Thus, not every fragrance is suitable for use in handmade candles. It should be chosen carefully and wisely. After all, we all know that smells play the role of a powerful trigger for a person, some aromas can awaken memories, create a romantic mood, arouse appetite and much more.

We would like to note that essential oils are also often used as an aroma for candles. But there is one difficulty here, because in addition to the smell, they can affect a person's condition (calm the body or tone it). In some situations, this is very beneficial, but in the case that you are not making a candle for your own use, the effect that an essential oil can create can be unpredictable. In this case, it is better to stop at flavorings.
Types and benefits

Scents for candles have a number of specific properties, which we wrote about earlier. These are not food fragrances, but cosmetic ones, so they cannot be used for cooking.

One of the most important characteristics that everyone who chooses an aroma for a candle pays attention to is the smell. And just this indicator, in the case of candles, is decisive when preparing a recipe.
How to choose fragrances:

     according to seasonality - closer to spring, light smells are suitable; citrus fruits and conifers go well with New Year's holidays; with the arrival of autumn, it is pleasant to fill the house with the aroma of sandalwood and other woody and musky notes;
     as an organic addition to the recipe. It is best to choose aromas that will go well with other components. For example, a green candle made of soy wax will be emphasized by the pine smell;
     by influence It is widely known that aromas can affect our body in different ways. Therefore, for candles, it is worth choosing the fragrance that will have the right effect on a person. Fragrances with the aroma of food and confectionery products can stimulate the appetite, fresh aromas set the working mood, woody smells - relax.

Choosing scents for candles in this way, you can create the right mood at home or at work, fill the room with warmth and coziness.
In our online store you can buy fragrances for candles:

     with rich, pleasant aromas that do not change their smell when the base is burned;
     do not provoke allergic reactions;
     easy to use and easily included in the candle recipe - mixed with other ingredients and various types of wax;
     do not weather from the finished candle;
     economical to use.

The right combination of candle ingredients is the perfect way to fill your home with the right atmosphere. After all, the burning of a living fire, a pleasant aroma and a beautiful shape of a candle can create a mood not only for you, but also for everyone around you.
Buy fragrances for candles in Ukraine

In the online store, you can buy fragrances for handmade candles at affordable prices. Our catalog presents perfumes with pleasant and persistent aromas, which do not evaporate during the storage of the candle, but on the contrary, are released during its burning. The warehouse of our online store is located in Kyiv, due to which all confirmed orders are delivered to craftsmen within 1-3 days.

The site offers you aroma soaps for candles:

     with spring floral aromas (rose, bamboo);
     rich spicy smells (sandalwood, vanilla);
     delicious smells (praline, almond, grape).

By choosing them, you can create a mood for yourself, family and friends.

The quality and features of the composition of the flavoring agent are extremely important. Masters who have tried complex recipes at least once know very well that there are many nuances in this matter, many of which depend on the quality of the ingredients used. That's why we work only with proven suppliers, so that you can develop your hobby with confidence and have a guaranteed good result.

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