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Base oils, rich in nutrients and vitamins, have found wide application in soap making. Liquid, solid and water-soluble components, saturated with micro- and macroelements, allow you to create handmade soaps and other cosmetics of excellent quality. Base oil allows you to soften the aggressive alkaline environment and, as a result, obtain soap with beneficial properties.

Types and Applications of Base Oils

We offer you a large selection of base oils with a description of the properties of each.

Basic oils for skin, face, hair.

Refined and unrefined liquid oils are presented on the pages of the Aromasoap online store. Due to their wide range of effects, such components are used in soaps, masks, creams and other cosmetics. Apricot and grape seed oils are considered universal and in demand. This type of oil has no contraindications and can be used even in its pure form, both for skin and hair. The pleasant structure and refined aroma have a beneficial effect, moisturizes the skin, and restores damaged skin and hair.

Base oils for soap.

The unsurpassed leader among solid oils used in soap making is palm and coconut base oil. Thanks to the addition of similar components to the soap, the future bar has a certain hardness, which allows it to maintain its shape and not get wet in the soap dish.

Coconut oil is obtained from dried coconut meat and is used as an ingredient that, in addition to all other properties, has increased foaming properties. Coconut base oil is ideal for hair care products.

Palm oil is considered a source of beta-carotene and also has wonderful foaming properties. A distinctive feature of this component is that the soap is colored bright yellow.

Order components for soap making on the Aromasoap website, we have a fair price and fast delivery throughout Europe.

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