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A travel set of containers is something that will make your travels more convenient.

If you like to travel and often do so, then you already know how much trouble can be caused by various cosmetic products "walking" around the cosmetic bag in search of their place. And some products are generally packed by the manufacturer in a container of such a size that it is simply physically impossible to take them with you on a trip! When we talk about travel, we mean not only moving over long distances, on a business trip or abroad. Cosmetics are also needed during trips to the country, to the gym or swimming pool, in case of spending the night with friends or outings in nature. Travel sets of containers for cosmetics are a must-have in any home.

A set of containers for cosmetic liquids. How to choose and where to take it.

For comfortable travels, it is worth knowing the rules and conditions for transporting liquids in luggage and hand luggage.
- The total volume of liquids per person should not exceed one liter (together with the packages in which those liquids are located)
- The volume of each individual liquid should be around 100 ml, including the packaging
- All containers and bottles with liquids must be packed in one common transparent bag no larger than 20x20 cm. Normally, it is allowed to take no more than one such bag on board the plane per person.

Containers for storing cosmetics are made of glass, plastic and porcelain. For travel kits, we recommend choosing plastic. It is lighter, not so fragile, and you can buy it at a more attractive price.

The Aromasoap online store offers you several options for travel kits. The number of bottles and their varieties depend on the types of cosmetics that you are used to taking with you. Of course, if necessary, they can be added or removed from the set. All containers are made of high-quality plastic, which is not afraid of temperature changes and does not give its components to the contents. The carving of the caps is very tight and the material is of high quality, so this is a guarantee of no leaks and you do not risk being far from home without a convenient and usual cosmetic product. You can order a travel kit on our website at any time convenient for you. There is an option to pick up the goods by self-delivery in Kyiv or to order delivery across Eruope by a convenient postal service.

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