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Bottles are the mood of your perfume

It is impossible to make a first impression a second time, everyone knows that. This expression is true for both people and perfumes. Even the best fragrance enclosed in an unattractive perfume bottle may not find its buyer and admirer. But we are not satisfied with this option, right? In order for the fragrance created by you to make an unforgettable impression, to receive it as a gift, to buy it, to get it in any way - you need decent packaging, high-quality and beautiful perfume packaging. And it doesn't matter whether you are bottling purchased brand fragrances or creating your own masterpieces - you cannot do without purchasing perfume bottles.

Vials are different

Depending on the consistency of the product, its quantity and aesthetic preferences, the Aromasoap online store can offer the following types of perfume containers:

     containers for samples
     roller bottles
     vials of transparent glass
     colored glass bottles
     copies of branded bottles
     plastic bottles

All perfume bottles, except for rollerballs, have a special atomizer sprayer. It is indispensable for economical and precise application of perfume on clothes or skin. Roller bottles are more often used for thicker, oily in consistency aromatic mixtures, which are dangerous to apply with the help of an atomizer, because you can smear clothes or hair.
Containers made of transparent or colored glass, as well as copies of branded bottles differ only in design and volume, the price for them is also more or less similar. But we recommend using cheaper plastic bottles only for transporting perfume, long-term storage can provoke a reaction between alcohol and plastic and unpredictable consequences for the aroma.

Buy perfume bottles in Europe

The popular practice of "drinking" branded perfumes and the evolution of experiments by hand-makers provoked the saturation of the market of Kyiv and other cities of the country with packaging for cosmetics and perfumes. Perfume bottles are disposable, you cannot pour another fragrance into an empty container, you have to buy it. Our store offers products with the best price/quality ratio, and for those who buy in batches, there are permanent and seasonal discounts.
Different colored glass, different designs and volumes - we are sure that you will find the same bottle that your products deserve.

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