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While making cosmetics, many of us faced the difficulty of proper storage: the finished product should be packaged in such a way as to minimize the impact of external factors on it, prevent the evaporation of useful substances from the surface, and also simply give the product a beautiful shape in the end. For this, our online store offers you a wide range of convenient, beautiful and practical options, such as:

     bottles for cosmetics
     bottles for perfumes
     bottles for liquid cosmetics
     tubes for creams
     mascara tubes
     travel container sets

and more.

Bottles for perfumes and liquid cosmetics

The most common perfume bottle that is used in industrial perfumery and can be used for the one you prepared at home is the atomizer. It is a glass spray bottle protected by a metal case. Due to the tightness, such bottles preserve the aroma of products for a long time, prevent air from getting inside. It is also worth noting their decorative properties - original multi-colored glass bottles for perfumes will be able to decorate your shelf with cosmetics.
Containers for cosmetics can vary in capacity and material. The most popular is the container with:
- glass
- polymers
- metal.
You should buy bottles for cosmetics taking into account the specifics of the product that will be placed inside.

When making hygienic or decorative lipstick, storing it in a special tube will help make use more practical, and also prevent dust, dirt and germs from getting on the surface. In this way, you get a natural lipstick, protected from various external factors, safe and convenient to use.

Buy bottles for cosmetics in Europe
Handmakers of Ukraine, and especially of Kyiv, have long ceased to use used containers for packing their own products. Craftsmen who respect their work and know its value try to create a special face of their brand, for which they often buy containers for packaging cosmetics in the same style, decorate them with special decorative elements or stickers - anything that will distinguish their product from dozens others We also respect the work of our customers and are happy to present them with a wide range of packaging products from Aromasoap.
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