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Molds for baking are things that have long become common in the kitchens of not only professional confectioners, but also ordinary housewives and owners. Cakes prepared on a baking sheet and cut along the contour of the lid from the pan sank into oblivion, the life of cooks became easier, and confectionery and pastries became works of art.

There are baking forms:

     metal (including aluminum and stainless steel)
     from silicone
     from rubber

The type of mold is chosen depending on what and under what conditions it is planned to cook.

Metal baking molds occupied a dominant place in the kitchens of Ukraine for some time. They are perfect for use in gas or electric ovens, heat up and cool down quickly, are easy to clean and are usually made detachable - to release the finished product without damage. Silicone molds for baking (they are mistakenly also called rubber molds for baking) entered everyday life relatively recently and made a real revolution in confectionery. We will talk about their advantages in detail a little later.
Regardless of the type, all confectionery forms must meet certain requirements:
- be made of high-quality certified material

     withstand high temperature
     be non-stick
     conducts heat well.

Ideally, it is easy to wash and serve for a long time.

The silicone mold for baking is particularly popular among cooks and confectioners all over the world. First of all, the reason for this is ease of use - no mold made of another material simplifies the baking process as much as silicone. Once you try it, you won't want to go back to your old habits.

Silicone is a completely safe material that does not affect the taste and quality of products prepared in it. Research and many years of practice have proven that silicone molds can be many times safer than aluminum or Teflon - materials that are so often used for the manufacture of kitchen utensils. Silicone molds do not leave an odor, they are convenient to use and have an affordable price. This new trend has become a real hit in all kitchens around the world!

Silicone molds:

Non-stick - baking in such forms does not stick to the edges, and the soft design allows you to easily separate the product from the walls;

Provide uniform heating;

Easy to wash;

Their price is much lower than that of glass, metal forms, ceramics;

Can be used both for baking and making cosmetics, soap, etc.;

Not sensitive to a wide range of temperatures.

Of course, the specifics of silicone molds impose certain restrictions - for example, you cannot use sharp objects with them, you must carefully send them to the oven due to the soft design of the mold, etc. But despite these limitations, silicone molds have more than enough advantages , for them to be so popular.

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