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Everyone who is more or less serious about the processes of soap making or making cosmetics, eventually begins to understand that in an ordinary home kitchen, the soap maker's tools and the inventory for handmade cosmetics are not kept by themselves. They should be bought, preferably in a specialized online store from proven manufacturers.

Tools for making soap are always available in our store.

For real "alchemists" of home cosmetics, we try to update and increase the assortment of this section.

We present such cosmetic tools as:

measuring cups of different volumes,


glass sticks,

stamp sets,


indicator paper (from 0 to 12 pH),

natural loofah and many others.
When choosing tools for soap making and making cosmetics, it is important to understand at what point and with which compounds these tools will interact. Plastic containers are not suitable for working with acids, alkalis and very hot substances, on the other hand, glass is very easy to break and even the slightest chip can make it fail.


QUALITY soap making tool

In any chemical compound, no matter how creative it is, precision is required in the weight, volume and temperature of mixing the components. That is why, before starting the mystery of soap making or creating another cosmetic product, you need to carefully plan everything.

Do not forget about the preparatory stages.
- Dishes for soap making must be clean, dry and prepared in advance.
- All measuring containers must be clean and dry.

- Place dishes, thermometers, scales, reagents, blanks, soap-making molds on a spacious surface.
- Do not forget to protect the respiratory tract, eyes and skin.
- Wash all used utensils and equipment immediately after the process, do not postpone for later.
Some things, such as a grater, a mixing spoon, a blender for chopping herbs, can not be bought separately, but can be used already. But it is important not to forget to thoroughly wash kitchen utensils from any chemical residues.
At a certain stage in the production of soap and cosmetics, it will be difficult to do without a pyrometer and special jewelry scales, and completely impossible - without indicator strips that will show the pH level of your product.

The site presents tools from leading manufacturers in Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Poland and China. We are constantly working on expanding the assortment and carefully monitor the balanced ratio of price and quality of products. Each product has a detailed description indicating all the parameters, if certain things remain a mystery - our online consultants or experts in the store in Kyiv will be happy to answer all questions and help you choose the necessary tools for work.

Use the high-quality products of our site, get an excellent result!

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