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Decoupage brushes are indispensable at all stages of decoupage work. Correctly selected brushes for covering the workpiece with a base, or applying glue, varnish, as well as creating the final touches will make the product perfect and work on it simple. Brushes for decoupage, drawing, scrapbooking are presented in sets in our online store.

To work with glue and varnish, choose flat wide brushes for decoupage from bristles. The brush should not be stiff, because the bristles will leave grooves behind on the surface. A flat but narrow brush is needed to uniformly paint narrow parts, sides, and edges. Oval synthetic brushes are widely used. They are also convenient for applying primer, paint and varnish.

Brushes for drawing, decoupage, scrapbooking

After the main stages of decoupage, proceed to artistic touches. Therefore, it is worth buying decoupage brushes of different sizes. With the thinnest brushes, you can draw antennae, eyelashes and just lace patterns. With a slightly thicker brush, you will draw a thicker line in the right place. A beveled brush made of synthetics up to 1 cm wide is indispensable when creating shadows, giving volume to the finished decoupage application.

You can buy decoupage brushes
- on the aromasoap website with delivery throughout Europe
- by visiting our store in Kyiv.
We always ensure that the price-quality ratio of the products offered to you is optimal and we choose only those manufacturers who have proven themselves well on the market.

Care after use

After work, wash decoupage brushes in warm water with soap or detergent. No matter how lazy you are, don't leave this process for later, because brushes with dried glue and varnish can most often be simply thrown away. After washing and drying, put all the brushes in a separate box "for decoupage", so they will not get into the hands of children and will not move to live in their school pencil cases, leaving you without tools for creativity.

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