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In this section of Creativity, we have collected glues, varnishes and bases for decoupage for you, which will not let you down in the work process and will be reliable in the finished product.

PVA was and is the simplest tool for gluing paper. But for such filigree work as this type of creativity, you need to buy glue for decoupage. It will not leave yellow divorces. Glue for decoupage will stick decoupage napkins to any surfaces. You need to cut out the motif of the upper layer of the napkin, attach it to the surface to be decorated, and cover it with glue. Decoupage glue and base for decoupage are sold at a very affordable price, so we do not recommend saving on them.

If you want to use fabric, you just need to buy fabric decoupage glue. Glue will fix the fabric on the product made of wood, fabric, glass and ceramics. After applying the glue, the fabric will not deform or turn yellow, it will hold firmly on the product for a long time.

VARNISH AND BASES for decoupage

Lacquer for decoupage is an important stage in decoupage. It is covered over the glue and, depending on the properties given to it, it will create a certain effect. It can be a glossy or matte varnish for decoupage, or a craquelure varnish applied in one or two stages, with or without a base.
Glues for decoupage are:
- Glue for hard surfaces. It dries, as a rule, for 24 hours and is additionally covered with varnish.
- Glossy glue. Does not require additional surface coating.
- Matte glue. Gives the appropriate effect on the surface, does not require varnish coating.
- Glue-lacquer on a water axis. Mixes with water in a 1:1 ratio, does not give yellowness, perfectly hardens.
- Transfer glues. Difficult to use, but the result is perfect.

Online stores of Ukraine offer to buy decoupage products in any quantity and at different prices. We have chosen the most convenient packaging and the most optimal options for varnishes and glues that create the desired effect and do not spoil quickly. Our store in Kyiv is convenient in terms of logistics, and our management service will pack the order and send it to any corner of the country in the shortest possible time.

Experiment and create masterpieces!

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