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Cosmetic fillers are used in most cosmetic products known to us. The thing is that the beauty industry managed to create certain standards of how this or that product should look, what texture it should have, tactile sensations, and so on. Accordingly, using one or another means that does not meet these needs, we feel discomfort. For example, a skin care cream is not aesthetically pleasing in white, it causes suspicion, it creates a feeling as if the product is spoiled. And as we all know, the effectiveness of the recipe is far from the main thing. After all, the feeling caused by cosmetics is no less important.

In order to create the best impression of their cosmetics, craftsmen use the best containers and packaging, select pleasant compositions of aromas and, of course, perfect other product characteristics. Various cosmetic fillers are used for this.
Cosmetic filler allows:

     improve product texture;
     makes the color of the product pleasant;
     responsible for the sensation when applied to the skin.

By adding fillers to your cosmetics, you will ensure the correct and pleasant application of the product, which will not be felt on the skin.
Features and uses

In mineral cosmetics, fillers of various kinds are an integral component. They allow you to make your recipes not only effective and natural, but also perfect from the point of view of their further use - with a pleasant texture, color, sensations on the skin.
Cosmetic fillers are:

     titanium dioxide - for a perfectly white color of the product;
     magnesium stearate - creates the correct structure of the product, prevents the formation of lumps;
     magnesium citrate is needed to maintain the correct pH of the recipe, which ensures the correct work of surface-active substances;
     farm talc is an antiseptic in the cosmetic industry.

By adding such components to your products, you will be able to improve the composition of the product, as the creams will be comfortable to apply and will not leave behind a sticky feeling. In addition, the skin itself will have a velvety texture that will appeal to absolutely everyone who uses your product.

The benefit of such cosmetic fillers does not always lie in their effect on the skin. Most of the products we prepare consist of 90% useful and important components, but there are still 10% that create a pleasant feeling when using them. These are the fillers we are talking about on this page of the catalog.
Buy mineral fillers for cosmetics in Europe

In the AROMASOAP online store, you can buy various fillers for cosmetics that will help you improve recipes and create products that are perfect in terms of texture, shape and color.

Many master creamers at the first stages of the development of their hobby put a maximum of useful components into recipes in order to get a natural and actually effective remedy. However, in the process of development, it becomes obvious that this is not enough. Any product should be as balanced as possible in terms of efficiency, ease of use and pleasantness of use. At such moments, questions arise about the correct texture of the cream and its color, the absence of lumps in emulsions and antiseptic components. And this is exactly what fillers for cosmetics are used for, which will help make perfect recipes.

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