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Paraffin for candles is a basic ingredient that causes a lot of controversy. No, it has no problems in use and allows the craftsman to easily make the desired product. The problem of its use is its safety and composition, and beginners may have a lot of doubts about whether to use it or not. So let's figure out whether it is worth buying paraffin for candles.

Historically, paraffin began to be used in the 19th century thanks to the development of the oil industry. The point is that paraffin is a by-product of oil refining. And this is precisely the reason for all the questions that arise around this product. We are talking about the fact that complex chemical processes are used to manufacture this material. Indeed, compared to various types of waxes of plant and animal origin, paraffin loses in naturalness. But then why is it still used today. First of all - the price. In the distant 19th century, paraffin made it possible to significantly reduce the cost of the production of candles, which were used quite widely. In the future, the electrification of our life led to the fact that candles took a back seat and performed a more decorative function. And today, candles are one of the most important attributes of home comfort, festive mood, etc. Which was the reason why the popularity of paraffin wax increased again.
Advantages of paraffin:

     has a beautiful white color without impurities;
     does not cause allergic reactions (unlike beeswax);
     paraffin is much cheaper to buy than natural materials;
     expands possibilities for making candles.

Types and benefits

Today, paraffin is used almost everywhere - from the food industry to cosmetology. For example, the most beautiful fruits with a glossy surface, those that look so appetizing in the supermarket, are covered with paraffin. The question arises - what about such a complex origin of this material?
Paraffin for candles can be:

     brand "T" - technical paraffin cleaned of harmful impurities. Quite a cheap product;
     parka "P" - paraffin for the candle industry. It is not suitable for cosmetology, but it shows itself perfectly in making candles. It has a much higher degree of purification;
     brand "K" is a cosmetic product that interacts well with the skin. Cleaned as much as possible from impurities.

It is obvious that depending on the type of paraffin, it is used in different areas. For example, you can buy P2 paraffin from us - it is a highly purified product that does not emit toxic substances during combustion and is absolutely safe for human health.

In the master's work, cosmetic paraffin for candles is a very convenient material. It interacts well with various types of dyes, which allows you not to limit your creative possibilities and make almost any candles.

An important feature that should be taken into account when using paraffin for candles is its low melting point. Like any other candle material, paraffin should not be overheated and we recommend using a water bath and a liquid thermometer. This will make it easier for you to control the temperature than in a microwave.
Myths related to paraffin:

emits harmful substances into the air during combustion. Yes, it is possible if you use technical paraffin of a low level of purification. But in our online store you can buy ingredients for making candles that are of good quality and safe for human health;

no healing properties. There is an opinion that natural wax (especially beeswax), with its natural aromatic properties, can relieve a large number of diseases and calm the nervous system. However, in addition to this, this ingredient is also capable of causing allergic reactions, which paraffin definitely does not;

burns out quickly. Due to the low melting point, paraffin candles burn out faster than wax candles. Therefore, many craftsmen combine these materials - thanks to paraffin, the candle is cheaper, and wax ensures longer burning.
Buy cosmetic paraffin in Ukraine

In the Aromasoap online store, you can buy paraffin for making various candles at an affordable price. Our products are safe ingredients from proven suppliers. These products do not cause allergic reactions, are safe for human health and are simply convenient for the craftsman.

The warehouse of our store is located in Kyiv, which allows us to provide prompt delivery (within 1-3 days) to any region of Ukraine.

Paraffin for candles opens up wide possibilities for the production of various, pouring and bulk candles. It is simple and convenient to work with, interacts well with various ingredients and allows you to expand the creative ideas of the master. And although there are many myths and conjectures surrounding this ingredient to this day, for experienced craftsmen all of them have remained in the distant past, because modern paraffin is devoid of all the disadvantages attributed to it.

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