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Article: 1297-1998

A unique Raphia farinifera palm tree grows in distant Madagascar and East Africa. Local residents make hats and rugs from its leaves, and raffia - natural fibers that are so loved by hand-makers all over the world - is exported to the whole world and to Ukraine. To make raffia, only palm leaves are cut, which grow quickly without any harm to the tree, so this material is also ecological from the point of view of minimal damage to the environment. Natural raffia has a light beige color after drying, so natural or chemical dyes are used to give it a different color. The special production technology gives this material unique properties, such as strength, elasticity and flexibility.

Natural and artificial raffia


     Natural raffia. This universal material is widely used in many industries. Florists especially liked this natural thread for decorating bouquets and compositions, as well as amateurs and professionals in the field of making home cosmetics.
     Artificial raffia is made of polypropylene. It does not differ from natural material in its properties, but in the absence of logistics costs, it has a more affordable price for Ukrainian needlewomen.

Unlike artificial raffia, natural raffia has a more attractive color, is more pleasant to the touch, and when the gift is unwrapped, it makes a soft rustling sound. Also, although natural raffia has an extremely strong and elastic base, it decomposes like any natural material - quickly and without harm to the environment, which cannot be said about artificial raffia.

Buy raffia in Europe

Natural cosmetic products, as well as personal hygiene products, require a special approach to packaging. This applies not only to the correct use of various containers, tubes and bottles, but also to the beautiful design of the finished product, especially if it is given as a gift or put up for sale. Dyed in different colors, raffia thread will be a nice addition to any decorative compositions, it can be used to wrap gifts and decorate holiday wreaths and garlands. In our online store, you can buy raffia of various colors with delivery anywhere in Europe.

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