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Adding herbs to soap is a well-known technique that significantly improves the properties of cosmetics and serves as a decoration for the final product. Medicinal herbs are used to prepare tinctures, decoctions, aromatic oils, which subsequently act as an independent cosmetic product or are used as a component of future soap from scratch or from a base. Herbs used in ground form for soap, in addition to their invaluable properties, can color soap blanks in natural colors.

Prepared soap with herbs, when washed daily, will carefully take care of your skin, relieving fatigue, toning the skin and restoring lipid balance. Using herbs for soap making, you give yourself and your loved ones a herbal therapy session that calms the psyche, relieves nervous tension, invigorates and simply lifts your spirits. If you have a dacha, a country house, or your granny lives in the village, then you can collect the components for phytocosmetics yourself and dry them in a well-ventilated place. If this is not possible, then welcome to the paradise of Aromasoap cosmetic components. Order and prepare handmade cosmetics and soaps with herbs.

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