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Moisturizers for cosmetics are such components that fight dryness of the skin, returning moisture to it. Moisturization of the skin, its nutrition and protection are among the first tasks that must be solved during the production of soaps and cosmetics.

Human skin loses moisture under the influence of various factors:

exposure to radiation (ultraviolet, blue light);

insufficient air humidity;
atmospheric pollutants

hormonal disorders in the body;

use of detergents, prolonged contact with water;

aging factor.

These factors are designed to neutralize cosmetic components for moisturizing.

Types of moisturizing components

One of the most popular ingredients for making moisturizing soap on the aromasoap online store is lactic acid. When interacting with alkali, it releases the necessary amount of lactic acid salt (sodium lactate), which is a high-quality moisturizer, which makes the effect of soap on the skin very useful and effective. Soap with lactic acid is absolutely hypoallergenic and suitable for any skin, even very sensitive. Lactic acid affects not only the skin, but also the soap it contains. It becomes pleasant to the touch, is stored for a long time and holds its shape well.

Prebiotics in soap making.

Human skin is inhabited by various microorganisms, which are called resident. Many of them play an important role in maintaining the local immunity of the skin and its health in general. The use of prebiotics for skin care is very popular in cosmetology. These substances are not absorbed by the body, but act locally - precisely in the area where it is necessary to support the number of useful microorganisms. Such an approach is very helpful in creating means for women's intimate hygiene. On our website, you can buy a special probiotic for inulin cosmetics, its qualities have long proven themselves during the production of cosmetics, and the price is quite acceptable.

On the modern market of Europe there are many offers for obtaining moisturizing substances used in cosmetology and soap making. On our site, we have collected the best, proven components that have no complaints about quality and performance. All of them are presented on our trading platform in Kyiv. Ordering moisturizers for cosmetics online will save you the need to travel around the city and waste your time. The purchase can be delivered by postal service to any part of the country.

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