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Blanks for postcards are an ingenious invention designed to simplify life without limiting the horizons for creativity.

Not all acquaintances and colleagues should prepare a gift for the holidays, with some you can limit yourself to exchanging postcards and warm congratulatory words. Do you think that buying pictures printed in millions of copies is too banal for you? Then welcome to the world of creativity, where you can get inspired and find the necessary materials for making a greeting card with your own hands.

Materials for making postcards in our online store are collected in the "scrapbooking" section, here you can buy everything - from blanks to decoration and decorations.
Everything for making postcards on one site

With the help of templates, you can make a handmade card that only your heart desires. The paper has sufficient density and juicy colors, it is easy to work with, as there will be no problems with glue and other stationery tricks. Inside, you can always write good wishes with regular ballpoint pens or professional liners.

The blank for a postcard can be smooth or embossed, plain or colored, solid or with a window or carving. Prices also differ - from exclusive to more mass options.

Various sizes and colors expand the field for imagination, you can buy a blank for a postcard with the purpose of further application of various technologies. A fairly high density of the paper presented for creativity will allow you to use the following techniques:


Iris folding



Pop-up (3D images)


Ornare (needle puncture)

Embroidery, etc.

You can buy blanks for postcards and the necessary materials for creating a masterpiece on our website. We carefully select only those products that will not cause trouble and disappointment, on the contrary, will inspire creativity and experimentation in new and new techniques. We are also diligently working on filling the blog - a collection of ideas and recipes that can open you to certain types of handmade from new, unknown sides. All goods purchased on the site are sent as soon as possible to any corner of Ukraine, and residents and guests of Kyiv can pick up their order in the store and not pay for shipping.

The flight of fantasies is sometimes so limitless, it is enough to choose a color - the picture will instantly form an intricate pattern with sincere warm words. Hurry up to order the blanks, and you will definitely find an excuse to make a postcard.

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