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Liquid base oils are a large group of oils that are used in soap making, as well as in the production of natural cosmetics.

Making homemade cosmetics is impossible without vegetable oil. Skin care at home or in special centers is always associated with natural oil.


Liquid oils are oils that are liquid at room temperature, unlike butters, which are solid oils. All of them are good for the skin.

Base fatty oils are used by soap makers to make soap. It's hard to imagine making soap recipes from scratch without olive oil. Almond oil, apricot kernel oil and many others are regular ingredients in soap. Cosmetic oil is used by the creamer when making its cosmetics. You also have to buy cosmetic oil when you want to make a massage mixture yourself.

Today it is easy to buy vegetable oils in Ukraine. It is enough to find the desired section in a more or less large district store or open an Internet page.

If you are faced with the task of buying natural oils or cosmetic oils, we recommend searching for an online oil store.

The popularity of fatty oils in Ukraine is explained by the increased demand for products with which you can make soap or make your own cream.

Any online cosmetic oil store strives to maintain a diverse range of fatty oils. Even a person not associated with soap or cream making uses unrefined (cold pressed) oils from time to time to strengthen and maintain health.

Buying vegetable oils will also be useful for those who love massages. Getting to know a natural oils store often begins for this very reason. Oil massage is a real pleasure and a very useful procedure.

Often those girls who need special hair care have to buy natural oils for the first time.

Hair masks using natural base oils make your hair healthy, strong and shiny. Just look at the effect of argan oil, broccoli or mustard oil! And liquid wax - jojoba oil - envelops the hair from the first use, strengthens it and eliminates split ends.

Today it is easier to buy vegetable oils in an online store. In Aromasoap you will find descriptions of oils, characteristics and properties, useful recipes and recommendations.

We will always help you buy cosmetic oils based on your needs, ideas and requests. We will clarify the price of oil or explain its cost. After all, there are familiar natural oils, and there are rare ones. The cost of oils in Ukraine differs. To avoid buying questionable fatty oils, pay attention to expiration dates, characteristics and prices. We are always ready to help you with your choice. You can buy natural oils on our website in one click. But if you want to buy natural oils in Kyiv, we are waiting for you to visit us at our address!

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